Director: Cate Cammarata 

Book writer and Lyrics: Eric  C. Jones  & Music by  Joshua Davis  

Genre:  Musical ​

American Skin is a real honest look at Race in America and the epidemic of murders among people of color, whether it’s from the hands of Law Enforcement, Alt-Right Groups, and American Citizens. Our musical spotlights Three bigoted white males who, after joyriding, crash their car. They come face to face with a dream-like sideshow where the so-called “Freaks” are a racially diverse group of individuals who have been murdered because of the color of their skin. Infamous figures like  Trayvon Marin, Viola Luizzo,  Black Coyote, Vincent Chin, and James Byrd, Jr, to name a few. It’s a scathing satire on the state of race in America and our responsibility as citizens to deal with those issues. Its Assassins meets Crash. 

coming soon
Three Crosses:A New  Musical


Lea Jones 

Book and Lyrics:

Eric C. Jones


Joshua Davis

Rehearsals Begin:

 February  2021

WAR LETTERS: The Musical


Lea M. Jones 

Book &  Lyrics: 

Eric C. Jones 

 Music & Lyrics :

Dan Marokosian  

Rehearsals Begins:


Fired : The Musical


Lea M. Jones 

Book and Lyrics: ​

Eric C. Jones 


Ian Stephenson 

Rehearsals Begin:

September 2021

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