Dreamland Murders

Director:  Brandon Curless

Screenwriter:  Gerald Hanks & Eric C. Jones

Genre:  Dark Musical Comedy


Can a demented Diva win back the man she loves and get away with murder? It's probably easier than it looks. Its Chicago. 1924. A time of Gangsters, Jazz, Vaudeville, Divas, and murder. Maybe not all in that order.

Copyright @2014



Christmas Is

Director:  Eric C. Jones

Screenwriter:  Eric  C. Jones

Genre:  Musical Comedy Family Holiday

This delightful musical comedy is the perfect holiday treat for the entire family . This film focuses on a

Fustrated TV writer who must make a Holiday special before Christmas Eve. But she is an agnostic. Will she be able to finish her film on time and still be able to learn about the real meaning of Christmas? Come see Christmas Is and find out. Copyright @2016



Theatre Productions


Director:  Curtis Barber

Playwright:  Eric C. Jones

Genre:  Romance​


This character study drama focuses on two people who are at different stages in their lives. They meet each other at a century old  building in Chicago,  Multiple stories intersect  through the building's  history and some how our couple is more connected than they think,.The theme focuses on moving forward, moving up, moving out and moving on. And some how find love along the way.  Texas Premiere in October 2018


Director:  Lea M. Jones 

Playwright:  Eric C. Jones

Genre:  Sociodrama  Religious 


IThis powerful drama focuses on four racial and religiously diverse prep school grils from a Nashville Christian School. Their worlds are turned upside down when a  terrorist bombing threatens their peaceful enclave. Only faith and courage will keep the girls from but will force them to deal with internal prejudices and judgements.

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