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We're all made of Stars 

Director:  Brandon Curless

Screenwriter:  Gerald Hanks 

Genre:  Sci-Fiction 


 A  brilliant young man gets a visit from his future self to help work a science project which can change space and time forever. 

Copyright @2016



The  Ring 

Director:    Brandon Curless 

Screenwriter:  Mark Baird  &  Eric  C. Jones

Genre:   Sci- Fiction Family FIlm 

 A grieving young girl has a chance to put things right after inheriting a dimensional ring that has the power to send her into another dimension.

Copyright @2017




Theatre Productions

Please Come Home for Christmas

Director:  Lea Jones 

Playwright & Composers:  Eric C. Jones & Gary Sironen 

Genre:  Holiday Musical ​

Celebrate the Holidays with this funny & bittersweet musical comedy fantasy from the musical team of Jones/Sironen. Please Come Home for Christmas is a contemporary story about a career woman who thought she had it all. A TV Travel Career, a Model Boyfriend & lots of fame & fortune.  Over the course of a long Winter Solstice Night, she loses everything. But fate will come her way from a new job opportunity from  “ An Agent.” She is magically transported back & forth in time to help “ Lost Souls” find their way home.  And in return, she finds the courage to come back home to her dysfunctional family. It’s A Christmas Carol meets The Preacher’s Wife! There is a great contemporary Pop/Rock, hilarious comedy, touching characters, and an inspirational message that can really put you in the holiday spirit. Who says you can’t Come Home again?  You can always come home for Christmas


Director:   Cate Cammarata  

Playwright: and Composers:   Eric C. Jones & Joshua Davis 

Genre:  Seriocomic Musical 


American Skin is a real honest look at Race in America and the epidemic of murders among people of color, whether it’s from the hands of Law Enforcement, Alt-Right Groups, and American Citizens. Our musical spotlights Three bigoted white males who, after joyriding, crash their car. They come face to face with a dream-like sideshow where the so-called “Freaks” are a racially diverse group of individuals who have been murdered because of the color of their skin. Infamous figures like Trayvon Martin, Viola Luizzo, Michael Brown, Vincent Chin, and Black Coyote, to name a few. It’s a scathing satire on the state of race in America and our responsibility as citizens to deal with those issues. Its Assassins meets Crash. 

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